Why am I losing my hair during lockdown?

Why am I losing my hair during the lockdown, I hear you cry.

There are many reasons for why you may be noticing more hair shedding than you do normally let’s look at a few.

Stress. There’s no getting away from the fact that these current times are extremely stressful for many of us. With the uncertainty of what is going to happen next. Worrying about relatives who are working on the frontline or elderly parents that can’t go out and you can’t visit. Will you still have a job to return to once the lockdown is lifted?  Trying to help with the kid’s schoolwork or just trying to stay motivated not to sit on the sofa eating chocolate and binge-watching Netflix. Whatever is causing the stress the effects could be devastating for your hair in the coming months.

Nutrition. When you are at home all day it is easy to continuously visit the fridge or store cupboards and munch your way through all the sweet and savoury snacks you have to hand. When you’ve been laying around all day bored, it’s hard to think of a nutritious evening meal you have to cook yourself as the takeaways are shut. After weeks of a poor diet, once again the effects on your hair will be noticeable moving forward.

But let me ask you a question, are you losing more hair than usual? The reason I’m asking is that have you thought about how your hair routine may have changed since being in lockdown. Are you washing your hair as often as you do when you are going out every day? When was the last time you ran a brush through your hair or gave you hair a blowdry and styling?  Chances are you’re not doing either of these things as regularly as you would do normally. So surely doing less with your hair would help preserve the hair on your head, so less shedding would be apparent. I am afraid not.

Did you know that you lose 50-100 hairs a day. If you wash every day you might lose 60 hairs and then during the day when you brush your hair or as it catches against your clothes another 40 will be dislodged and you won’t really notice. However, if you haven’t washed your hair for 3 days there will be as many as 300 hairs about to shed which will block the plughole for sure. So, it might seem like more hair is shedding but in actual fact, you are only shedding what should have come away anyway. Also, if you are not cleaning your scalp regularly a build-up of sebum could develop on the scalp which in turn could clog the hair follicles, which, if left unchecked could cause problems in the future. Your scalp is just the same as the skin on all other parts of the body so treat it in the same way. A healthy, clean scalp produces better hair.

The best advice I can give you is to carry on with a good hair care routine and wash and brush your hair regularly. Usually, we all struggle for time to pamper ourselves but now we do so make the most of it, treat your hair and scalp to a lovely hair mask. Relax on the bed or in the bath. Listen to your favourite tunes and pamper yourself. When your hair looks better on the outside, it makes you feel better on the inside.


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