Video Consultation, What happens?

When a change in your hair begins you may not notice for many months or even years. Androgenetic Alopecia, male and female pattern hair loss, starts slowly, following a common pattern. Other forms of alopecia can come on suddenly with rapid loses of hair, which can be even more distressing. Many clients have admitted that even when they thought there may be a problem they buried their head in the sand and hoped it would right itself. For some that can happen, it’s a temporary hair loss and within 6 months the problem has righted itself and you forget to notice any changes any more. But for others the hair loss progresses and the individual becomes increasing conscious of how they look and worry that others will notice their hair loss issue. Hair loss is not a thing to be ashamed of, it is caused by many conditioned and many of these conditions can be treated.

Not only are there many reasons for you hair loss, there are many reasons why people don’t seek help.

Embarrassed to admit there is a problem. Worried others may think them vain for worrying about the hair loss. Assume nothing can be done and its just one of those things you must get on with. The only solution is hair surgery. The doctor isn’t interested and won’t help.

The list goes on but there is help at hand from a certified trichologist who specialises in hair and scalp complaints.

So why suffer in silence, seek help from a Trichologist and discover the cause and the solution to your hair loss.

If you are unable to visit a clinic for what ever reason a video consultation maybe the answer.

Video consultations are a convenient way to receive advice on any hair or scalp issue you may have if you are unable to attend an in-house appointment.

Once you have booked an appointment you will receive a link to the online platform for the consultation to take place and a pre-consultation form for you to complete and return prior to your appointment to allow our trichologist to begin her assessment of your issues. She may ask you for photos as well.

It is advisable to take the call in a quiet place where you are comfortable talking about your concerns and answering questions about your lifestyle, medical conditions, stress levels, nutrition and family history.

No more suffering in silence book a call and start you hair rejuvenation journey today.




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