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Hairdressing for people who hate hairdressers…

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 Do you hate going to the hairdressers as you’ll wonder what they’ll think of your bald patch? Or your thinning hair?

Do you feel intimidated walking into a hair salon? Where you’re faced with impossibly stylish, perfect looking youngsters wielding very long and sharp scissors? Do you dread the small talk “Have you been on your holiday yet?”  “Are you going away this year?”

And then you look at your hair and it’s not what you wanted, but you dare not say a word…

If your hairdressing experience has been less than optimal in the past, and you don’t like going to the hairdressers, we can help. 

Come to the solo salon instead, and book your personal hairdressing experience.

The solo salon is a calm, quiet space where you can have your hair cut and styled free from all the usual annoyances and frustrations. 

Just for you, we turn the clinic into a solo salon. This means you’ll have your hairdresser cut your hair and style it in a dedicated space, where you won’t have to sit with anyone else. 

If you’re  Anthropophobic (fear of people) or Tonsurephobic (fear of hairdressers) then this experience is perfect for you. You don’t even have to look in the mirror if you don’t want to.

You’ll have a proper hair consultation where we will help you select a hairstyle that will suit your face, and be easy for you to maintain. 

We’ll wash your hair gently – don’t worry if you have a fear of water on your face, we will look after you and keep you feeling safe. 

Then at the pace you decide we’ll cut and style your hair. 

If you don’t want us to talk to you, then we will be quiet. If you want to talk and be heard, we’ll listen.

If you have cancer, or another illness that impacts your self esteem then ring up and see if the personal hairdressing service is for you. We’ll advise you on the phone, and if you like how well you’ll be looked after you can book in. 

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