Organic Colour System

Sick of your hair looking all colours instead of the colour you intended?


Are you looking to have your hair the colour of your dreams and not your nightmares? Are you wanting to have gorgeous, ammonia-free hair and not worry about how much you’re damaging your hair? Looking for the hair colour experience that doesn’t mean worrying about your hair going green when you go swimming? Or wearing elaborate hats in the summer?

If you’re looking for something natural, organic and that looks fantastic, then OCS is exactly what you’re looking for.

OCS is designed to work harmoniously with the biology and structure of the hair preventing hair damage during the colour process.

Organic Colour Systems is exactly that, a ‘System’. A range of high-performance professional salon products, less toxic and more naturally-derived. Designed to work harmoniously with one another to give you outstanding hair colour in the most natural way possible.

OCS is dermatologically tested and a patented permanent hair colour formula. Containing the lowest possible levels of oxidative pigment PPD/PTD and is packed full of high grade, natural and certified organic ingredients. Uniquely, our permanent colour works at a lower level pH than traditional chemical colours, meaning that there is no damage to the hair. The System is supported by our class-leading range of hair care products, which repair and restore the health of clients’ hair before you even begin to colour, then re-balance and close the cuticle of the hair after colouring.

OCS is:

  • 95% naturally derived and 60% certified organic ingredients which means less damage to your hair
  • 64 x intermixable permanent and demi-permanent shades so you can have the colour of your dreams!
  • 12 x PPD & PTD free semi-permanent shades for the glossy, shiny hair you want between colourings
  • Dermatologically tested and patented permanent hair colour formula – you can’t get OCS anywhere else, or the same results with other products
  • Vegan-friendly colour, care and styling products – OCS is friendlier to everyone.
  • Free from ammonia, parabens, resorcinol, gluten and GMO ingredients so if you have allergies you know you can still have your hair coloured
  • Non-aerosol styling range, yes, we’re good for the planet as well as you.
  • Cruelty-free – because you are OCS is too.

The OC System

  • Before each and every service you will be sent a skin sensitivity test to ensure you have no reaction to any ingredients.
  • A hair stretch test will be performed so the correct restorative products can be used before the colouring process begins.
  • A hair prescription will be given so you can maintain the condition of your hair at home

Hair colour that you love. All of the time.

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