Natural Hair Stem Cell Treatment

At the Hair Loss Control Centre London, we use the Eucaderm natural stem cell hair recovery program.

Natural stem cells are derived from Edelweiss, a stem cell powerhouse and flower commonly found on mountains. You’ll be delighted to know that natural hair stem cell treatment is both non-surgical and non-invasive.

What Is Stem Cell Hair Loss Recovery Treatment And How Is It Done?

Natural Hair Stem Cell Treatment works when you work with us to stimulate and regrow hair follicles. The Eucaderm treatment consists partly of natural oils, so most people find they get results. In some people with hair loss their hair follicles are dormant rather than dead. This means the natural hair stem cell treatment helps reactivate and stimulate growth.

The treatment is a weekly process and will continue for ten weeks, depending on your hair, your follicles and of course, your circumstances. In our clinic, some people have seen tremendous improvement in hair growth in a short amount of time.

As with all treatments, some people will respond more quickly than others. Everyone is unique, and some people will find their hair grows at a quicker or slower rate.

Will Hair Stem Cell Treatment Work for Me?

As a general rule providing there are live hair follicles present in the scalp, then this stem cell treatment will produce new hair growth. We always recommend you come in and have a consultation to make sure this is right for you. We have many hair loss treatments and always recommend what’s best for you.

This is the beginning of a very exciting time for people experiencing Hair Loss.

The research is leading to new ways that could promote hair growth for people with baldness or alopecia, hair loss or hair thinning associated with such factors as hormonal imbalance, stress, aging or chemotherapy treatment. If you’re experiencing any of these ways of losing your hair please give us a call and we can put your mind at rest and return your hair to its natural glory.

This hair loss treatment is very efficient. It is a non-surgical and simple therapy to stimulate and regrow hair follicles.

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