Male Hair Loss

Are you losing your hair or are you going bald?

25% of men will start to lose their hair before the age of 30. Raising to 80% over a life time. But are you losing you hair or are you going bald? There is a difference.

If you are losing your hair in random patches it could be down to stress or an autoimmune condition where the body attacks itself. However, the most common form of hair loss for men is male pattern baldness which is heredity.  It follows a distinct receding pattern usually from the frontal hairline or crown. It is caused by the miniaturisation of the hair follicle by Dihydrotestosterone, DHT. DHT is formed when testosterone combines with the enzyme 5a – reductarse. Once the follicle has began to miniaturise it can take 15-20 years to go bald or for some unlucky chaps as little as 5 years.

Here at the Hair Loss Control Centre London we have proven programmes to inhibit DHT preventing loss and encouraging regrowth. After an in-depth consultation looking at your life style, medical history, nutrition and general health. We will put you under our non invasive scope, to magnify the scalp, so we can see what your follicles are up to. Enabling us to provide an individual programme to combat your condition and suit your pocket.

As most hair loss condition’s are progressive, sitting worrying about it won’t help, so call us now and let’s start your hair rejuvenation story. 


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