Low Level Light Therapy for Hair Loss. Does it work?

What is low-level light therapy? LLLT is a drug-free treatment for numerous conditions including hair loss. The laser light helps activate the body’s nutrient systems natural defence and starts a rejuvenating, healing process. Using red light on the scalp to stimulate hair growth has been researched and tested for over forty years with well-documented results.

So how does this red light work? Remember as a child holding a red torch under your palm and being able to see the inside of your hand. This is possible because the red light can penetrate our body to a depth between 6-10mm.  Just under the surface of the scalp is the epidermis which protects the body from invasion and under that is the dermis, where blood vessels, hair follicles and sebaceous glades are just a few of the different cells and structures that reside there. This is also where collagen and elastin are found.  All of these are important in the anti-ageing, rejuvenation process.

But how does this help hair growth? The process of the red light is called photosynthesis. A process that plants use to convert light energy into chemical energy. Our body reacts in a similar way when red light is applied, converting light energy into cellular energy. It is this cellular energy that makes significant rejuvenating changes to dormant or ageing cells. It also has positive effects on many metabolic and nervous system processes. Increasing blood flow bringing with it all the oxygen and nutrients needed for hair growth.

Low-Level Light Therapy increases the production of Keratin and Adenosinetriphosphate (ATP). Keratin is the protein which hair is made of and ATP is the molecule that carries the energy to the follicle to fuel the production of hair. Cell rejuvenation needs energy in order to assist in synthesising proteins, membranes and cellular division to produce strong hair.

As LLLT widens the capillaries, the blood vessels that feed the hair follicle, it enables the better supply of oxygen to the hair bulb where cell division takes place to create hair growth. If there is a lack of oxygen the follicle is starved and can lead to hair loss.

So what about one of the biggest causes of hair loss in men and women, Dihydrotestosterone, DHT?  DHT attaches itself to the base of the hair follicle and over time prevents the absorption of oxygen and nutrients causing miniaturisation of the follicle which results in the follicle producing thinner, finer, shorter hair, to stopping hair production altogether. LLLT reduces DHT from the scalp and allows efficient nutrients and oxygen to be delivered, allowing the hair to grow efficiently.

Convinced of the benefits of LLLT? What is the commitment for the hair loss sufferer? Although this treatment has been proven to work it is by no means a quick fix and must be repeated one to two times a week, with results usually seen after 3 – 6 months. For the best and long-lasting results, a year to eighteen months would be the recommended time frame. These sessions can be performed in clinic or a home device can be purchased.

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