Hair Styles For Thinning Hair

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When your hair is thinning it can be really hard to find a hairstyle that suits you and shows your hair to its advantage. This article will share with you 4 different hairstyles that work for thinning hair. If you decide that you’d like to cure your thinning hair once and for all, please book an appointment here.

Short hairstyles need regular maintenance or they start to look wispy and enhance the very things you’re trying to disguise. Be prepared for regular visits to your hairdresser to keep your new style sharp.

Thinning hair also requires more hair product use to keep it in shape. If you’re not used to using mousse, waxes, pomade and hairsprays then you will find your first few attempts are for family viewing only! As well as additional hair product you may find you need to dry your hair upside down to create additional volume.

The Deep Side Parting

deep side part thinning hair style

Deep side part hairstyle courtesy of

This style works really well for thinning hair by creating volume across the frontal and mid-scalp regions. A little backcomb to the root will add volume and hold. Adding colour can draw attention from the fact that your hair is thinning.

The Choppy, Pixie Cut

choppy pixie cut for thinning hair

Choppy Pixie Cut Hairstyle courtesy of Instagram

A choppy pixie cut adds texture, volume and height. The highlights add depth and tone to the hair. You’d need to regularly maintain this hairstyle every 4-6 weeks because this style needs a lot of love and attention.

Angled Bob

Angled Bob Thinning Hair Styles

Angled Bob courtesy of Instagram

Sharp angles are great at drawing attention to your other features. When your angled follow the contours of your head it creates shape and makes your hair look thicker.

thinning hair angled bob instagram

Another Angled Bob via

This is more of an inverted bob, where the back is cut into the occipital bone. This creates a fuller, rounder feel to the hairstyle and eliminates the thin hair look.

No matter how your hair is thinning, there’s always a style that will help you to disguise it so you feel more confident!

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