Forget 80’s perms, look at the 20’s version

Worried a perm might look like a Granny’s poodle curl or a big fizz bomb on your head.

Good news, perms of yesteryear are no more.

Think more Beyonce or Jessica Alba. Soft beach waves and easy flowing curls.

Traditional perms use harsh chemicals to break the bonds in the hair to change the texture to create waves or curls. The stylist wraps your hair around rods, applies perm lotion, neutralises to set the perm, job done.

Do modern perms cause damage?

Think Curl™ from Organic Colour System, creates beautiful, natural looking curls with out the damage or hair breakage of years gone past. Enriched with plant amino acids, Think Curl™ nourishes and protects hair throughout the perming process. Unlike most perms, Think Curl™ is free from ‘Ammonium Thioglycolate’, ‘Ammonia’, ‘SLS and SLES, which are known to irritate the skin, nasal passages and weaken the hair. Instead we adopt a much gentler approach, utilising ‘Cysteamine Hydrochloride’ which has the unique benefit of mimicking the ‘Cysteine Amino Acid’, helping to reform and strengthen the bonds within the hair. As part of the Think Curl™ system we also have a separate ‘activator’ which can be added to the lotion to adjust the pH according to the hair type, making Think Curl™ suitable for use on any head of hair, even the most damaged.

Think Curl™ utilises Cysteamine Hydrochloride and is free from Ammonium Thioglycolate and Ammonia. Its gentle chemistry means that Think Curl™ can work at a lower pH than perm lotions with Thioglycolates so that when breaking and reforming the bonds of the hair in order to reshape, it does so without the associated damage found with traditional perms. How? The absence of such harsh ingredients like Ammonium Thioglycolate means the swelling of the hair shaft (which usually happens during the perming process) is reduced, meaning that there is less damage to the hair shaft, producing a softer, less frizzy and more natural curl. Additionally the Cysteamine Hydrochloride helps to reform and strengthen the bonds within the hair, improving its overall condition.

How long does a perm last?

It is called a permanent wave, as the change is not removed when the hair is wetted or styled. However, as hair grows, falls out and is then replaced by new hair the term permanent is not totally accurate description. Shorter hair will grow out with each hair cut. Longer hair will also grow out but  the curl may loosen with the weight of the hair  “stretching ” the curl out. Client’s with longer  hair are sometimes happier as it grows out leaving the top flatter and the waves to the ends. If you take care of your perm and don’t over heat it with styling it can last up to 6-8 months.

How should you style and take care of your perm?

Allowing your hair to dry naturally will help preserve you new curls. Applying condition and gel when sopping wet and towel scrunch you hair listening for the squish noise it will make. Diffuse with a hair drier to remove most moisture and then allow to air-dry. Once dry crunch out the curls. If straightening your hair don’t use a higher heat than 180 degrees as this will cause damage and cause breakage and curl deformation.

Which products will preserve my new curls? (also great for naturally curly hair)

Keep Curl Shampoo is formulated with our sulphates ad salt whilst also using natural wheat protein and plant amino acids to keep curls in optimums condition.

Keep Curl Conditioner is formulated with natural wheat protein, plant amino acids, organ oils and certified organic ingredients to keep curls healthy, glossy and glorious.

Keep Curl Treatment is a powerful treatment that can be used weekly to rejuvenate and boost curls. It contains wheat and soy proteins with strengthen the hair and limit adversity effects of the chemical process.

Keep Curl Memory Spray a light weight stying spray that creates dynamic curl memory, giving extra bounce and fries-free curls.

Keep Curl Memory Gel  a unique styling gel that not only provides a soft hold and curl memory but also reactivates curls between washes by dampening the hair, scrunch and go.




Before and After

Sharon O.

” the first perm I’ve had in about 30 years and the curl is fantastic. The products smell amazing. Loved being in the salon alone, feeling very safe and germ free!”



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