Androgenetic Alopecia Before and After Treatment

I have known Chris for many, many years, we met when we both belonged to an amateur dramatic musical society putting on shows, taking roles and putting our selves in the spot light. Over the last few years I have seen Chris’s confidence dwindle. Like Samson, as her hair became finer she lost her strength and no longer stood in the spot light. When I opened the clinic I knew she would be one of my first clients and I’m very glad she was.

Chris is suffering androgenetic Alopecia, AGA, or as its more commonly known Female Pattern Baldness. This is caused by the hair follicle being miniaturised by the attack of Dihydrotestosterone, DHT. This happens when testosterone in the body meets the enzyme 5a reductase to form DHT. Over time this causes the follicle to produce finer and shorter hair, too where it no longer produces a hair at all.

Chris now follows the HLCC All Natural programme Low Level Light Therapy. The progress has been slow but her hair is definitely growing better than before and the miniaturising is less.

New growth after 6 months treatment




“HAIR LOSS Such a friendly clinic, I was very nervous but this went. Elizabeth was very knowledgable and put me at ease. I have started the treatment and can’t wait for the results. I am really recommending this clinic.”

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