About Us

Here at the Hair Loss Control Centre London, I want to bring all of my knowledge and experience as both a hairdresser and a Trichologist to clients looking for a solution to all their hair issues.

Whether it be hair loss, hair care, hair colour or scalp complaints, my multi-therapeutic approach will find the right course of action for you.

This is not a “one size fits all” programme.

To combat your concerns we offer the most effective technology and clinically proven products to arrest hair loss and encourage hair growth.

Our “solo salon” uses  Organic Colour Systems products.

Organic Colour Systems” mission is to give hairdressers a less toxic and more naturally-based salon professional colour and care line, which is ethically made and healthier for hairdresser and their clients, whilst still delivering high performance and stand-out resul

Hi I’m Elizabeth Owner Of HLCC London 

My first memory of being interested in hair was playing hairdressers with my Grandmother Gladys when I was 5 years old. This would involve me dragging her out of her chair and making her re-enter the room as if coming to my salon. I would comb her hair and put in rollers. Quite often getting them stuck!

At 13 I got my first job as a Saturday girl in my local salon and my journey to becoming a hairdresser had begun, culminating in me owning two award-winning salons in Hampshire.

So why Trichology, I hear you ask?

The reason I became interested in hair loss as a result of my older sister being diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 41 and facing the loss of her hair from chemotherapy treatment. It was a hard day when she asked me to shave her head, but we were ready, having researched wigs and she was sorted. She sadly lost the Big C battle and died 2 years later

I always knew how a bad hair day could make you feel but a no hair day was on another level and I wanted to help.

Firstly studying with Trevor Sorbie of “My New Hair’ charity then becoming a hair extension master and completing my Trichology certification both in the UK and USA.


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